Some 20+ years ago I embarked on a life with my best friend (and now husband).  Entering into the relationship I received the esteemed title of  “Cook”, but little did he know, my repertoire at the time consisted of pasta.  And sauce.  From a store and mixed together.   Sometimes pesto... sometimes tomato.  Occasionally white with peas. But pasta mixed with sauce nonetheless.

It took about 7 days of my creative combos before he arrived home form an errand bearing a gift, my first cookbook.  Today he sometimes kicks himself for beginning a collection that 20 years later continues to grow, but he’s enjoying the benefits as my former accountant brain acclimated to cooking creativity and the kitchen has become Mommy’s happy place.

Together we learned about food, fresh ingredients and the beauty of spice, and with the addition of kids (now both teens - one in high school the other at UCSB) the importance of getting healthy foods into growing bodies.  Lactose and milk allergy issues have turned us into a dairy-free family, and other family health histories have pushed us into a nearly all plant-based diet, organic when possible.  That said, I know the importance of occasional indulgence, and gooey cinnamon rolls or multi-layered chocolate cakes most definitely have a dedicated position in our lives.  I find it’s all about balance.

Living in a small, coastal surf town in San Diego we treasure our weather, beach and sunsets, but when time and money allow, travel expands our world and introduces us to cultures and foods so different from our own.  Watching the kid’s grow as they wander the canals of Venice or learn the history of Dubrovnic from above the historic city warms our hearts, and has us all soon planning the next adventure.

Oceanside, CA ~ 2014
Photography combines my two worlds of cooking and travel, and you won’t often find me without my beloved camera slung over my shoulder.  Focusing on food and landscape, I’ve recently entered the world of portraiture and love that little feeling of knowing that click of the shutter has forever captured a special moment in time.

Liv, my beautiful teenaged daughter, brings an incredible love to life and everything that goes with it.  Her example at “living life” to its fullest is the inspiration behind this blog and she continues to motivate me to be a better person every day.  Quick to bring a smile to my face, she embraced dance at an early age and now as a competitive dancer she’s bestowed the title of “Dance Mom” next to the title of “Cook” and fills my world with rhinestones and music in addition to sugar and spice.

Feeling incredibly blessed with our place in this world we hope to share a bit of life as we live it.  From recipes to far away places to simple photos of a local beaches, we’re Living Life as we make our way through it.  Join us?

Living Life on the stage | National 1st Place Overall Solo ~ 2011

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