Tuesday, May 29, 2018

Cheezy Pasta - Vegan

Vegan Cheezy Pasta - Cashew Based sauce everyone will love

Teenagers love mac n cheese, right?  Well, for that matter people of any age.  So you can imagine the dismay when my 14-year old son suddenly developed lactose intolerance... not just the normal kind where you take a pill and eat what you want, but a severe form that has left him dairy-free ever since.

Mostly he missed pizza.  And tacos with chipotle white sauce.  And mac n cheese.

We tried different vegan cheeses and sauces, but all were met with the same response,

"No thanks, Mom.  I'll just go without."

So off my baby went to college, dairy-free.  He hasn't adopted our vegan diet and actually makes fun of many of my "vegan" choices as he feels he needs "real" protein to keep his physique (I know... I've sent him the literature, but he still doesn't believe.).  

But then he came home and I made him this Cheezy Pasta.  Placing a steaming bowl in front of him he raised his eyebrows as he hesitantly asked what was in it.

"Cashews," I said casually.  "And a few other things like garlic, oh, and Nutritional Yeast..."

The eyebrows went higher and he responded,

"No thanks, I'm good".

Eventually I convinced him to try. 

"Just a bite," I said.

And he did.  One bite.  Then two.  Then he cleaned the bowl and asked for seconds.

Now I get texts when he leaves Santa Barbara on his way home for a long weekend asking if I can "Please have that Vegan Cheezy Pasta ready" when he walks in the door.

Luckily it goes together in a flash, and you can make extra sauce that keeps for days in the fridge.

However, if you're trying to sell it as a sub to mac n cheese lovers, I wouldn't call it mac n cheese... it's definitely not the blue box kind.  It's so much better, a whole different kinds of awesomeness that deserves a category all its own.  And so much healthier... have you read the back of that box?  But that's a whole different story.

Cheers my friends... enjoy!