Monday, August 6, 2018

The Glama Project - My Heart is Full

Many of you know I've spent some 8 of the last 10 years helping to care for my in-laws.  They've both since passed, but the years I spent seeing them in assisted living, skilled nursing and dementia units introduced me to a plethora of individuals who I looked forward to seeing each and every week.

I came to know these seniors not for the older people they currently were, but rather for the people they were - then and now.  The teens who once had first kisses, the executives who built cars in their spare time, and the special lady who couldn't remember the last 20 years, but told me all about her days flying planes in the war.

~ Gail ~
My heart holds a special place for those on the older side of life, and I love seeing their eyes light up when little things add joy to their days.

Hence stumbling upon The Glama Project, a project created here in San Diego by Callie Ahern, seemed a match right up my alley.

Callie's grandmother's health made it necessary for Grandma to enter an assisted living facility in the Mid West.  Grandma had a bit of trouble adjusting, and sweet Callie flew back to spend some time and cheer up her days.  

To bring a little fun into the visit Callie planned a makeover/glam day.  Grandma, a lady who always brought along her flair for fashion and fun, loved the day with makeup, hairdos and a little photo session to remember it all by.  And as the ladies were having their fun, other residents stopped by asking, "Well.... can we do it too?"

~ Bebe ~
And right there the Glama Project was born.  Callie boarded the homeward bound plane to San Diego knowing she wanted to bring a little glam through makeovers and mini photo shoots into the lives of our local senior community.

And while her goal was to bring fun and joy into the lives of seniors (and she's definitely done that with some 65 Glama Sessions), she's also brought joy and fulfillment to those helping in the session - aka me.  Perhaps Callie's words say it best:

"We also aim to serve the younger generation.  We believe there is so much to learn from our elders, and that it's our responsibility to get their stories told.
As we shoot, we love to learn about the leading lady or man sitting in front of us, in hopes of hearing their stories and life lessons through our platform.  It's much more than makeup, it's about confidence, empowerment, learning and growing."

~ Lily ~
Working as a guest photographer last week I had the pleasure of meeting Bebe, Constance, Barbara, Gail and Lily after Callie worked the glam on the makeup side.  All beauties over the age of 85, these ladies were very much like my daughter when she was little and playing with makeup and glam costumes.  They giggled, told us about proms and wedding days as well as last week's square dancing - and they busted out poses to make todays Insta-Famous Influencers envious.

A long day of shooting left my neck a little stiff and my hand a little cramped, but more importantly my heart full and my world a little bigger with new friends, new experiences and even more inspiration for life.

I'm looking forward to another day with the Glama Project in a few weeks, but in the mean time you can check out Callie's Glama Project Instagram or Facebook Page to catch a glimpse of what we all hope to be when our own senior years arrive.

"The Glama Project - aiming to prove age is just a number while celebrating the beauty and wisdom it beholds, one complementary senior makeover at a time!"
~ Callie Ahern

Tuesday, May 29, 2018

Cheezy Pasta - Vegan

Teenagers love mac n cheese, right?  Well, for that matter people of any age.  So you can imagine the dismay when my 14-year old son suddenly developed lactose intolerance... not just the normal kind where you take a pill and eat what you want, but a severe form that has left him dairy-free ever since.

Mostly he missed pizza.  And tacos with chipotle white sauce.  And mac n cheese.

We tried different vegan cheeses and sauces, but all were met with the same response,

"No thanks, Mom.  I'll just go without."

So off my baby went to college, dairy-free.  He hasn't adopted our vegan diet and actually makes fun of many of my "vegan" choices as he feels he needs "real" protein to keep his physique (I know... I've sent him the literature, but he still doesn't believe.).  

But then he came home and I made him this Cheezy Pasta.  Placing a steaming bowl in front of him he raised his eyebrows as he hesitantly asked what was in it.

"Cashews," I said casually.  "And a few other things like garlic, oh, and Nutritional Yeast..."

The eyebrows went higher and he responded,

"No thanks, I'm good".

Eventually I convinced him to try. 

"Just a bite," I said.

And he did.  One bite.  Then two.  Then he cleaned the bowl and asked for seconds.

Now I get texts when he leaves Santa Barbara on his way home for a long weekend asking if I can "Please have that Vegan Cheezy Pasta ready" when he walks in the door.

Luckily it goes together in a flash, and you can make extra sauce that keeps for days in the fridge.

However, if you're trying to sell it as a sub to mac n cheese lovers, I wouldn't call it mac n cheese... it's definitely not the blue box kind.  It's so much better, a whole different kinds of awesomeness that deserves a category all its own.  And so much healthier... have you read the back of that box?  But that's a whole different story.

Cheers my friends... enjoy!


Monday, April 23, 2018

Blueberry Almond Butter Maca Smoothie - Boost the Mood

Blueberry smoothies seem to be a staple in just about every smoothie shop you enter, and for good reason - most everyone loves a blueberry!

According to Dr. Greger of NutritionFacts.Org, one should be including at least one serving of berries in their diet per day.  And with a fiber-rich profile, blueberries and their Vitamin C and Manganese content seem to be a good one to add.

Add in a handful of greens, banana, a spoonful of almond butter and a few teaspoons of one of the newest superfoods on the market - Maca - and we have another certified Super Smoothie.

Are you familiar with Maca?  A cruciferous vegetable native to the Andes of Peru, maca has been revered for its medicinal properties for thousands of years.  Maca, however didn't cross my radar until I did a little research on menopausal symptoms.

After a few sleepless nights along with a hot flash or two I took to the internet for natural perimenopausal symptom relief, and time and again maca came as a suggestion. Maca, it seems, helps to balance hormone levels and to control the amount of estrogen in the body.  According to a study in the International Journal of Biomedical Science, maca proved to balance hormone levels, relieved symptoms of menopause, and actually increased bone density in the study participants.

Good enough for me to try... And with its slighty earthy and mildly nutty flavor, maca seemed the perfect addition to one of my favorite smoothies including almond better. I've grown to love the combo so much this smoothie hits my blender 4-5 times a week, and the rest of the family asks for it as well.

And the symptoms?  I have to admit I didn't have many before, but I've not had any more hot flushes (or flashes), I'm sleeping well, and not a single night sweat to report.  I'll have to keep up with it as my age keeps aging and will definitely keep you posted.

I'll be researching more on maca and will let you know what I learn.

Cheers my friends!


Thursday, March 15, 2018

Acai Overnight Oats

Acai Overnight Oats

Overnight oats may be past trend, but they've become a staple in my house.  Easy for a quick breakfast on the run, tasty for a mid-afternoon snack, but most of all - perfect for the dorm room.

With simple ingredients mixed together the night (or a few nights) prior one can enjoy a healthy and easy breakfast that far supersedes any smooshy oatmeal from the college dining commons.

Acai Powder
We sent Liv off with reusable empty jars, a package of organic oats, a bag of acai powder (we use the Navitas brand) and a few mix-ins.  She laughed at first and said she wasn't going to go through the trouble of putting the overnight oats together, but after a few weeks of dining commons breakfasts she called to asked for the recipe.

Sweetened to your taste, these Acai Oats pack a nutrition and fiber punch and can be tossed in a bag when you're running out the door.

Cheers to a healthy and quick breakfast!

Monday, March 12, 2018

Life, Loss, Balance and New Beginnings

Yoga headstand in Kauai, Inhale the Future, Exhale the Past

Life, it has a way of showing us the path we're meant to follow.  It's not always the path we think we should be on, but nonetheless, it is our path.

The last two years have pushed my little Liv Life space to the side as family took priority.  In those years we've lost both of my in-laws, an aunt, an uncle and our dog.  We've learned that hospice can be a bright spot in a terrible situation, and that lessons do indeed come from darkness.

We've also become empty nester's... something I've dreaded since the moment my first child was born.  However, much to my surprise it's really not all that bad.  In fact, if I had to say so, we love our empty nest life! My husband and I have rediscovered just how much we enjoy our time together and I'm learning that there really is life beyond the PTA, Girl Scouts and putting in the endless hours as a Dance Mom (though I really do miss the Dance Mom part). 

Do I miss the kids?  Absolutely, but text, phone calls and frequent visits keep us in touch, and then the two of us have our days to ourselves.

Seattle, 2107 - 1st Empty Nest Trip!
My girlfriends and I have learned without regularly scheduled school and dance events that we won't see each other unless we make an effort, and now we're having fun exploring new ventures - like museums without field trips.  Or wine on Tuesday just because.

And now I have time to share with you.  I have travels to share, recipes to photograph to tempt your taste buds, and lessons I've learned that may also help you get through when times turn dark.

Coming up I have a wonderful Kauai Itinerary - have you been to the Garden Isle?  An unforgettable restaurant we found in Canmore, Alberta, along with a trip to the Canadian Ice Field Parkway and on into Jasper.

I have tips to survive a new empty nest, and tips on dealing with an elderly parent.  I've so much to talk about and so much to explore.  

Liv Life has been a mostly Whole Food Plant Based blog for a number of years now and that direction will continue (however my son is not vegan, and hence I have a few college boy recipes that may include eggs that my non-vegan followers may find useful).

Rocky Mountain Flat Bread Company - Canmore
Rocky Mountain Flat Bread Company
I've learned loads about ingredients and natural remedies, remedies that have actually worked for us, and I've researched the why.  I have sources to share and facts to dispense, and now that my world is back in balance I have the time and desire to do it.

I won't have a regular posting day, and as we still continue to care for aging parents and work around the kids' schedules (when they call I'll drop just about anything to be with them!) I may be days or even a week in between posts. But I'm eager to discover new things and ideas with you all, and I hope you're eager to learn along with me.

So my friends, here's hoping you are healthy and happy, and living in a world of balance.  I've missed chatting with you and I'm looking forward to getting reacquainted.

Cheers my friends, 


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