Monday, October 18, 2010

Blue Cheese Walnut Spread

Perusing the Foodgawker site today a photo from DG stood out from the crowd.  A simple mound of cheese topped with chopped walnuts surrounded by apples.  Hmmm... a shot that definitely deserved further investigation.  The cheese turned out to be a creamy Blue Cheese Walnut Spread.   So simple, a mixture of cream and blue cheeses topped with walnuts.  As a blue cheese fan, this seemed to be something for me.

Frequently as I'm preparing dinner my husband and I will share a glass of wine along with some sort of appetizer as we rehash the day.  However, work frequently takes him away for varying periods of time and I'm left to fend for myself with no one to talk to.  Tonight was one of those nights with my love thousands of miles away in Shanghai.  Usually I don't partake in the appetizer or wine when he is gone, but this recipe looked so appealing that I couldn't resist!

30,000 feet... the road to Shanghai
A quick internet search showed numerous recipes for similar spreads, but as I read though, I kept returning to the simplicity of this one.  3 ingredients mixed together, sliced fruit and a glass of wine... what could be easier?   Loving blue cheese like I do, I did increase the blue to cream cheese ratio and decided to mix some of the walnuts into the spread in addition to adding a sprinkle to the top.  A bowl of perfectly ripe organic pears sitting on my counter waiting to be sliced filled the fruit portion and I was off to check for wine.  Scanning the wine "cellar" I chose a nice Merlot (hopefully it wasn't that expensive bottle he was saving!) and poured a much needed glass.

Spreading a bit of the cheese onto my perfect pear the aroma of the blue cheese wafted before me.  The first bite was absolutely amazing...  So much better than I had ever imagined something so simple could be!  With the holidays just around the corner, this recipe will definitely be showcased.  Perfect for the buffet table or simply a quick appetizer for rehashing the day... it's a keeper.  Good on it's own, but better shared!.

Blue Cheese Walnut Spread

4 oz. low fat cream cheese
2 oz. blue cheese
chopped walnuts, raw or toasted

In a small bowl mash the cheeses with a fork.  Add a tablespoon of the chopped walnuts, stir to combine and place on serving plate.  Add sliced apples, pears or crackers.  Top the cheese with a sprinkle of walnuts and serve!


  1. I love this.So simple.Trader Joes has a version like this with pecans which is fabulous and addictive. This one is better without all the added preservatives. I think if you like it a little thinner add a tsp or 2 of sour leats that is what is in Traders version..Good stuff!

  2. Thinner would probably work well on a buffet table as a dip... great idea! I will remember that for the holiday season. I really liked this one as a thick spreadable cheese for my pears though... Now that I'm thinking about it, I think it would be great on a left over turkey sandwich!!

  3. Kim, I love the simplicity of this spread. My husband and I do the same thing (a glass of wine and an appetizer) on a regular basis and he is a huge blue cheese fan. I'm surprising him with this dish soon, I know he will love it!

  4. Simple, perfect, and oh, so yummy. Thanks for sharing!

  5. My husband would love this. Anything with blue cheese is great for him.

  6. Sorry for your loneliness, but what a great way to find comfort, all wonderful ingredients!

  7. A simple and delicious spread. I bet it was fantastic with the Merlot.:)

  8. I love blue cheese, and have never thought of making a spread out of it!! Pure genius!! the cream cheese is a perfect compliment, and cheese goes so well with fruit and nuts, its just a match made in heaven!!

  9. Did you toast the nuts? We have found if you toast them just to the point of smoking that the oils are released and the flavor enhanced. mmm... I'm getting hungry


  10. sorry you had to have your wine by yourself, but at least you had a wonderful appetizer to go with the wine. I'm not a fan of blue cheese, but my husband is. I do like walnuts and pears cream cheese:)

  11. You are really breaking my heart right now. I cannot stand when people eat alone that don't want to be...don't make me come over there!

    Blue cheese and pear sounds as if it would not go together when I hear the concept, but something tells me it is one of those pairings that is unexpectedly great. And since you have good taste in food I trust your judgment. The richly pungent blue cheese contrasting the sweet pear probably makes a dynamite "pair". I will have to try this over the weekend and you will probably hear me rave about it soon. :)

  12. what a great recipe! this looks absolutely delicious!

  13. Sorry hubby is gone, if I lived closer, I'd come over and eat this with you! I love blue cheese and with the pears, I bet it was divine. Your right it does make an amazing photo. I need to go on those sites.

  14. Susi & Keterina, I hope he likes it too! I can't wait to make it for mine when he gets home!

    Thanks Lizzy and Elisabeth!

    Gringirl, I loved how simple it is.

    Tiffany, I agree! I have to admit that it was so good I made it two nights in a row...

    Cake Duchess, it was indeed! =)

    Dennis... you summed it up perfectly!

    Keith, the first time I used raw nuts (time pressure!) the second time I toasted. I think I slightly prefer the toasted.

    Becky, I hope your husband likes it too!

    Dionne... I have to say that on the pears it was just amazing. I was lucky to have some that were those perfectly ripe, juicy and utterly delicious! Can't wait to hear what you think!

    Thanks Dimah!

    Gina, I wish you lived closer too!!

  15. That seriously looks fantastic! YUM, and by the way you have been tagged:

  16. Oh wow, that would be something I would love (just me, but worth it). Thanks for sharing the recipe. I heard the hallelujah chorus.


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