Sunday, July 22, 2012

Time for Vacation!

No... we are not flying UPS, but this is the plane my husband flies!
Greetings from 36,000 feet above the ground!!  Goodness, times have changed.  Explaining to the kids today that, yes... they needed to look presentable on the plane, they commented, "But no one else does!".  While I disagree with their evaluation, they do have a point.

Do you remember the times when we put on our Sunday best for airline travel?  Do you remember getting a deck of cards that you actually got to keep?  I still have one from American from oh, so many years ago.  And how about those little wings that made you a Jr. Co-Pilot?  Not anymore as those pins could be a weapon.

Times have changed indeed, but what hasn't changed is the excitement of travel.  And excited we are!  With my Mom and Dad home with the pups, my family is winging our way to Venice, Italy where we will catch the Seabourn Spirit in a few days with an itinerary including Italy, Croatia and Greece.  Yes... I'm excited!!

With my internet connectivity price a bit higher than home, my posting will be less frequent, but we will try to check in and post a few pics of our adventures.  Hence, I leave you with a few of our travel posts from the last year or so.

Safe travels, my friends!

Last fall has my husband and I heading to Rome on a flight reminiscent of Elaine's coach experience...  join us for The Joys of Flying and Some Inflight Entertainment.

2011 also brought us to one of my favorite Farmer's Markets -  The San Francisco Ferry Plaza Market

Waterfalls in spring in Yosemite.  We saw Frazil Ice flows then went home and made Lemon Limocello Cheesecake

And speaking of Limocello... Sorrento - The land of Limoncello Dreams

As we wing our way to the other side of the world, we wish you safe travels in your own adventures and a summer filled with Living Life!!



  1. Enjoy your travels! And do have an authentic Italian pizza for me please :D

  2. Have a great trip! Can't wait to hear about your adventures!

  3. OMG KIM!! I'm still here.. you forgot to pack me in that suitcase we talked about!!

    Much love to you, and I'm soo excited (and a little jealous) for you all. :) Have a WONDERFUL trip, safe travels and godspeed! xoxo

  4. Oh wow sounds amazing! Jealous! Safe travels!!

  5. Oh, to be in the pic! Have a great vacation!

  6. You will have the best time. We took Seabourne's Odessey from Istanbul through Turkey,Greece, Croatia, and ending in Venice two years ago and loved, loved it. Seabourne knows how to treat their passengers so well. Wouldn't probably ever go on another cruise line. Have a great trip. Will be excited to see your posts.

  7. How wonderful, enjoy your vacation! I am envious of you and look forward to some photos of your trip. xoxo

  8. Enjoy your travels Kim! I can't wait to see photos.

  9. You have a great style of writing. It's a pleasure to read. I am glad you experienced such wonderful vacations!


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