Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Cafe Elysa, Agua Hedionda - Carlsbad, CA in Spring

Though our Southern California winters may be considered "mild" by some standards, the recent sunny spring weather has brought our Carlsbad, CA locals out in droves for early morning walks along the beach.  Mingling with tourists soaking up the brilliant sun, locals walk their dogs, run for miles and simply enjoy the view from the sea wall.

Strolling along the Agua Hedionda Hubbs Trail brings views of birds, blooming flowers and the occasional fish leaping away from the long fly of a fisherman looking for dinner.  Pelicans roosting over the mussel farm pods leisurely take off for a change of scenery and soon find themselves soaring on the wind in prefect formation while the squirrels and bunnies watch from below.  Loons call to each other from the thrush along the shore as graceful egrets stalk their slippery prey, and in the middle of it all is me, just taking it in.

For years I've been lucky to visit these creatures multiple times a week, and over time I've even come to recognize a few "regulars" in the habitat.  Meeting fellow school moms for a little exercise finds us catching up on kid's activities and current events in addition to frequently capping off our walks with a stop at the Cafe Elysa, just off of the Coast Highway (across from the Carlsbad Inn).

Owned by the French Bakery in Carlsbad and located less than half a block from the beach, Cafe Elysa becomes the ideal spot to rest your feet after a morning run or bike along the shore.  Cases filled with pastries immediately catch your eye as the aroma of freshly brewed coffee piques your appetite.  With a breakfast menu featuring breakfast sandwiches, quiches, French Toast or simply a fresh croissant, you are sure to find something to enjoy.

Free Wi-Fi and flaming fire pits make lingering over coffee tempting, and the view of the Coast Highway provides an endless supply of people to watch if your desire is simply to sit and gaze.  Cafe Elysa brings a nice local atmosphere for your morning breakfast (served all day) or coffee and now features burgers in the afternoon.   Definitely worth a stop if you find yourself visiting our sunny surf town.


  1. Kim,
    The beautiful views and wonderful pastries, sure beat a Starbucks. You are very lucky to live so close to the ocean:)

  2. Those pics are beautiful. We just went through an ice storm and power outages. Spring is late to Southern Ontario Can.

  3. Nothing beats a good cafe and this looks like a fantastic one...then add in the fact that it's in Southern Cali, I'm quite jealous of you!

    Happy Blogging!
    Happy Valley Chow

  4. You take such touching photos! You really do :-)

  5. Southern California reminds me so much of Israel. Beautiful beaches, cafes you can linger at. You captured the mood, atmosphere and sites so well. I wish I could visit soon. A trip to CA is way overdue! Thanks for the tour.

  6. I'm so jealous that you can live right there! I've only been to California once but LOVED it! This little bakery sounds awesome, a place I would frequent quite often if I lived nearby. How fun it would be to meet you for a cup of coffee and something yummy!


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