Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Irresistible Orange Sweet Potatoes with Almond Streusel

Some dishes only come around a few times a year.  And while I  really can't think of a good reason to wait an entire year for something so good, we do.  While we do eat Sweet Potatoes often, these orange laced, incredible, awesome, fabulous, luscious, irresistible, exquisite, heavenly, sumptuous sweet potatoes usually only find their way to or table around the holidays and I savor each and every bite.  Why I wait all year to make something I love so much I don't know, but, a holiday tradition for years, these sweet potatoes are something I can't have Thanksgiving without.

Laced with the essence of orange and enhanced with a generous splash of my beloved Grand Marier, this sidedish is low on added sugar and butter and relies on fresh ingredients to bring that luscious mouth-feel and flavor to the plate.  Sprinkled with a toasted streusel of almond and a touch of paprika, these sweets aren't your over the top ooey-gooey marshmallow topped sweets of your childhood.  They're so much better.

I'll admit I've tried for the last 3 years to bring a decent photograph to you, and even though I'm still not thrilled with this year's shots, I've decided this recipe is just too good not to share.  My favorite Thanksgiving dish of all time, I hope you enjoy it as much as I do!  Happy Holidays my friends!!

Irresistible Orange Sweet Potatoes with Almond Streusel
Discovered years ago on Epicurious, this recipe is a Liv Life Thanksgiving tradition.  Sweet, but not cloyingly so, these orange laced potatoes are topped with a lovely toasted almond streusel and are healthy enough that seconds won't make you feel guilty.
Adapted from Epicurious
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4 lbs sweet potatoes (or yams)
1/3 cup fresh citrus juice (we use either orange or tangerine)
2 tsp citrus peel (I've used orange, grapefruit or tangerine)
1 Tbs brown sugar
1-2 Tbs butter (we use Earth Balance)
1-3 Tbs Grand Marnier (optional)

1/3 cup all purpose flour (sometimes I use part whole grain flour)
1/3 cup whole unblanched almonds
3 Tbs brown sugar
2 tsp sweet paprika
1/4 cup chilled butter (We use Earth Balance)

Preheat oven to 375ºF.  Pierce sweet potatoes in several places with either a fork or sharp knife.  Place on a baking sheet lined with foil and bake until very tender, about 1 hour.  Remove from oven and allow to cool.

Peel the potatoes when cool enough to handle, discarding the peels.  Place the peeled potatoes into a large bowl and mash.  Add the fresh juice, orange peel, butter, 1 Tbs brown sugar and Grand Marnier and combine either with a large wooden spoon or a hand mixer.

Pour into a prepared baking dish.  May be made 1 day ahead and chilled.

For the streusel, place all of the streusel ingredients into a food processor and pulse until small moist clumps form.  Transfer to a small bowl and cover.  May be made up to two days ahead.  

When ready to bake, preheat oven to 400ºF.  Remove potatoes and streusel from the fridge and scatter the streusel over the potatoes.  Bake until the potatoes are hot and the streusel is toasted (crisp and lightly browned), 30-40 minutes.  Allow to cool for about 5 minutes and serve.  Enjoy!


  1. Yummy! Great recipe with lots of unique flavors. Thanks for sharing :)

    Happy Blogging!
    Happy Valley Chow

  2. Kim,
    Your Sweet Potato dish looks wonderfully tasty, and I like the streusel topping. A much healthier version that candied sweet potatoes. I used to make the candies sweet potatoes hyear, but we have now switched to Balsamic Roasted veggies, sweet potaoes, Brussells sprouts, carrots, red onion, etc. so good, and much more healthy.

    Have a Happy Thanksgiving with your family!

  3. I can see why this is served each Thanksgiving at you dinner table...they sound delicious. I hope your Thanksgiving is a wonderful one.

  4. These sound absolutely divine, Kim!! I love the sounds of the streusel especially. :-)

  5. I love EVERYTHING about this recipe, Kim! sounds so flavorful, and that streusel?! yes please!


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