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Liv Life ~ Top 10 Recipes of 2013

While much of the rest of the country works to maintain balance and life through this extreme Polar Vortex, here in San Diego we're enjoying brilliant January sunsets.  Liv, my ever ready model, and I took to the beach a few days ago in a rare moment with no pressing schedule and her spirit flew into the New Year as she danced along the water's edge.

Maintaining balance in life has been a challenge in 2013.  Our world has become insanely busy, and Liv faces a few big girl decisions in the upcoming months which will hopefully regain some of that balance to our life.  Growing up is hard to do and sometimes the correct path isn't obvious or what we had originally planned.

Food though, is the one part of my life I can balance and control, and 2013 brought a number of new favorite dishes to our table.  Ranging from heart-healthy breakfasts to super salads and decadent desserts, we pretty much covered the gamut last year and have enjoyed our food while staying healthy along the way.  Join me as we count down our reader favorites from 2013.

Liv Life ~ Statistical Top 10
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 A San Diego staple, the fish taco is a meal I can always count on our family enjoying.  This favorite features grilled mahi mahi and a tropical touch with a zesty mango and pineapple salsa.

Shooting to 9th place in just over a month, DIY Kahlua became a wonderfully received gift to all we sent it to this year.  Far easier to make than I had ever imagined, we bring 3 versions to suit your taste and time frame.

Not to be outdone by DIY Kahlua, this DIY Vanilla Extract was just as popular in July as it was near the holidays, showing us that Vanilla Extract is a year round essential!  This post features packaging ideas for shipping or gift giving as well.

Peanut Butter Banana Breakfast Bites
Holding a special place in my heart, this recipe brings a healthy bite to the table and helps me remember a very special friend.

Whole Grain Pumpkin Banana Nut Bread
When you start getting text messages from your daughter's friends to "Please make that bread again this weekend!" you know you have a hit!

DIY Baking Powder
Continuing the DIY vein... DIY Baking Powder also proved popular all year round.  Saving me a trip to the store on more than one occasion, this recipe is good to have tucked away in case of emergency.

Limoncello Lemon Cake
Popular on Pinterest, this sunny cake brings a brightness to your day.  Sweet, yet tart with lemon, and then topped with a lovely limoncello glaze, I can't stop at one piece.

Becky's Famous Football Party Stromboli
Making its top 10 appearance for the 3rd year running, Becky's Strombolli remains one of our all time most popular posts.  Bring this to your Superbowl party and you'll definitely win the most popular vote!

Asian Fried Quinoa
 With a comment of "Holy crapballs!  This is delicious on a level that made my eyes roll back in my head!", no further words are needed...

Strawberry Margarita Jell-O Shots
And maintaining their number one spot for the third year running, these cute Strawberry Margarita Jell-O shots prove they have staying power.  Super cute on a serving tray, these babies don't last long at a party.


And there you have it - Liv Life's Top 10 rated posts for 2013.   A sincere thank you to everyone for your continued support, the lovely comments you leave for me and the ideas for new posts.  Liv and I truly enjoy our Liv Life community and look forward to sharing 2014 with you.

Wishing everyone balance, love and healthy living in 2014.  May this be a fabulous year for you.  And remember...

Liv Life


  1. Happy New Year Kim!! This is such a tasty Top 10. Love that strombolli ;)

  2. You definitely had a fantastic 2013! Wishing you the very best 2014 :)

    Happy Blogging!
    Happy Valley Chow

  3. That picture of Liv is just stunning, I can't stop staring at it, WOW! You've had a delicious looking year Kim, hope the new year is starting out well. I know what you mean about our kids making important decisions and how hard that is. My kids had to do the same but in the end, all turned out well. You're such a great mom, Liv will do just fine whatever her decisions are.

  4. Happy New Year, Kim! You had me at fish tacos and ended with both our top posts - the jello shots!! It interesting that the DIY posts are so popular. That shot of Liv is breathtaking! Hope to see you soon :)

  5. Kim,
    Your end of year best posts remind me of many of your dishes. I'm exceptionally partial to the Kahlua, however. Thanks for the gift, it's wonderful

  6. Fantastic roundup, Kim, with a few holding top honors for consecutive years! It's always good stopping by here to visit. May the new year be your best yet, for SoCal weather is shining upon you.

  7. I really need to make those strawberry jello shots...maybe for my Super Bowl party!

  8. Definitely some of my favorites!! Love all of them Kim!


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