Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Blaze Pizza... A new favorite in Carlsbad, CA

Perfect pizza cooked to order in under 7 minutes from walk in to delivery... is it really possible??  Yes!  If you go to the right place.

Blaze Pizza, a new and extraordinarily popular fast/casual restaurant here in Carlsbad, CA, is taking the pizza world by storm and will have a pie of your creation on your table in as little as 5-7 minutes from start to finish.

Ordering at the counter one has the choice of a Blaze Signature Pizza, or if you so desire, a pizza of your own design.  For me, I began with the Signature Red Vine - Ovalini Mozzarella, cherry tomatoes, Parmesan, basil, red sauce and an olive oil drizzle.  Adding my own twist, I kicked up the sauce to the spicy red version and added a handful of shredded mozzarella in addition to red onions, mushrooms and extra cherry tomatoes.

How much extra did that cost me?  Not a dime.  For under $8 each, Blaze brings an 11-inch, thin crust, artisan style pizza with as many or as few toppings as your heart desires.

Once your pizza is perfected from the over 30 topping choices, it's "blazed" in a special 800º open hearth oven for a mere 180 seconds.  Smiling staff spins the pizza for perfect browning, and before you know it your creation is in your hands and blazed to perfection.

While pizza is the main attraction, Blaze offers a variety of salads, dessert (S'more Pie) and a tasty Blood Orange Lemonade (in addition to the "usual" soda, tea water, etc.) all in a bright, lively atmosphere perfect for a quick family dinner.

A new favorite restaurant in our household (we've been weekly for the last month...), Liv and her Broadcasting partner, Audrey, (part of the CHSTV Broadcasting program), eagerly did their latest story on the new restaurant.  Catch the latest A-OK production debut here on Liv Life!

Exceptionally good pizza, tons of toppings, one price for everything and a blazing fast delivery... Blaze Pizza is our new go-to restaurant.  With options for gluten-free crusts and vegan cheese toppings, Blaze fits nearly every lifestyle and with you in charge of your pizza design, you're sure to be happy.  What toppings would you Blaze??

 Blaze Pizza
Carlsbad Outlet Mall
5620 Paseo Del Norte
Carlsbad, CA  92008

Liv Life Note:  Liv Life was not compensated to write this review.  All comments and opinions are strictly our own... I'm truly thrilled with Blaze and simply want to share the pizza love!

From the Blaze Menu:

The Story.  Our Profile.  The 411.  You get the idea.
OK, we're going to keep this quick, because exceptional quality at freakishly fast speed is what we're all about.  Fresh, house-made dough.  Prepared from scratch daily.  Artisanal ingredients.  Inventive to classic.  Customization encouraged.  You decide.  180 seconds in our blazing hot, open-flame oven for fast-fire'd perfection.  Sound good?



  1. That has got to be the coolest pizza innovation yet! :-) What a fun and delicious experience. Sounds like they really go out of their way to make it a great deal for the customer.

  2. 7 minutes? Wow, for such wonderful looking pizza. Too bad I'm on the other side of the country ):


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