Friday, July 18, 2014

Coconut Mango Pops with Blueberries

Summer... it's meant for leisurely days by the pool with a cold popsicle in hand, isn't it??  We spent years buying rainbows of store bought pops, but when the kids smiled at me with lips dyed red and blue my heart always felt a little sad as I had purposefully served my kids some sort of chemically food dye.  Hence... we started freezing whole fruit smoothie recipes and we've never looked back.

This week these pops have come in particularly handy, though they weren't consumed lounging leisurely by the pool.  As I mentioned in the last post, this past week brought a nasty stomach bug that now has me trying to refuel my girl with nutrients, and as soon as her stomach could again hold food her first request was a mango pop.

Made with potassium rich coconut water, these pops work to replenish fluids better than sports drinks, and while I'd love to get Liv to sip on coconut water alone, she's not really a fan.  So in the pop it goes.

Sweetened with mango and banana I also tossed in whole blueberries for a little texture (frozen blueberries are a favorite snack in the Liv Life household) and they look pretty to boot.  Frozen, the pops go down slowly and are perfect for helping refuel after a stomach bug.

All fruit, no additives or yucky dyes, you'll want to keep extras on hand.  Today??  We're all healthy again and I have 3 girls leisurely lounging by the pool... their first request?  Coconut Mango Pops.  Bring on the summer San Diego sun!

Coconut Mango Pops with Blueberries
The perfect cool down on a hot afternoon, a nice sweet dessert, or a nutrient replenisher after a stomach bug, you'll want to keep a few of these pops on hand!

1 cup coconut water (read the label... the only ingredient should be coconut water, not other "junk".  We like Zico or Organic CocoZia brands).
1/4 -1/3 cup orange juice
1 big handful frozen mango chunks
1 small, ripe banana
1/4 cup blueberries

Place the coconut water, oj, mango and banana in a blender and blend until smooth.  If super thick, add a little extra coconut water to thin.  (If in a rush, this works as a fabulous smoothie at this point!).

To make pops, pour into a mold and add about 10 blueberries to each mold (push down with the handle of a spoon or a straw).  Add a stick and freeze.

Frozen Blueberries make a healthy summer snack!


  1. These look perfect for summer! All my favorite flavors :)

  2. can never go past a good popsicle, these are just perfect for summer. love it!

  3. Awww I hope she is totally better by now. :-( Freezing smoothies into pops is a cool idea! Your mango pops are so beautiful.

  4. Yummy pops! Hope your girl is feeling much better :-)

  5. So glad your sweet Liv is better. I'm sure she felt quite loved with your yummy pops. They look like they could cure anything that ails a soul :)


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