Thursday, April 23, 2015

NatureZway Bamboo Earth-Friendly Products

I don't often do product reviews here on Liv Life, however, this is a discovery I feel I must share.  Right up front, I'll tell you NatureZway sent me these products to try, but they have not paid me to write this post and there are no affiliate links included.  These bamboo cleaning products are simply too cool not to review, and as we celebrate Earth Day, what better time than now?

Made from sustainable, organic bamboo, NatureZway answers all sorts of cleaning and household questions in an eco-friendly manner,  but after using (and falling in love with) the products my first question was, "How much is this going to cost me?".  My next visit to Sprouts answered that question where I found the Bamboo Perforated Towels on sale for $1.99 (Note:  Regular Price is 3.29 at Sprouts).  Seriously... I'm totally sold.  Now let me tell you why.

Super strong and absorbant... Safe on all surfaces
I have to admit I let the products (Perforated Towels, Bamboo Sponge and Bamboo Drying Cloth) sit in the box for a while assuming a paper towel is a paper towel, right?  Wrong.  These Perforated Towels are like paper towels, only they aren't.  Yes, they can be thrown away like paper towels (but without the guilt because they didn't use trees and they are a natural product that degrades easily with no footprint), and they clean like paper towels (only they are way more absorbent), and they are soft.  Super soft, and most importantly can be rinsed out and used again and again - according to the NatureZway site up to 100 times.  Take that average, thin, scratchy paper towel!

After opening the package I found myself sort of hoarding the towels.  Liv wanted to use them for quick jobs, ie:  cleaning crumbs off of the counter, and then tossing the towel away, but I stopped her.  Actually, we've had the talk about using paper towels for such jobs too and how would she like to pay for them out of her spending budget?  Not so much, thank you, she said.

But I did let her put the towels to the test -  wet it, wipe the crumbs, then rinse it, wipe the table, then rinse it, then wipe the floor and rinse it, and I have to ssay she kind of had fun seeing how far the towel would go before disintegrating, and actually asked what else she could wipe with it.

Amazingly, I had this 16-year old wipe down the nearly the entire kitchen including the floor before she realized what was going on and promptly quit.  The towel, though, didn't, and made it through spot cleaning the entire floor after all the surfaces she had cleaned before I finally deemed it too dirty to rinse again and use anywhere else.

Suffice to say I love these towels.  I love the sponge, and I love the drying cloth.  The drying cloth is so soft, I've actually been using one to dust my dining room table and furniture (and I'm over-protective of those surfaces regarding scratching).

Facts about the products
  • Eco-Friendly made of renewable resources
  • Leaves minimal to zero footprint on the earth
  • No chemical or harmful residues left behind
  • Affordable (Seriously... $1.99 at Sprouts for the perforated towels!)

Bamboo Facts
  • Bamboo is from the grass family and is easily renewable
  • Fast growing... matures in just 3 years
  • Takes up less space and land than trees
  • Uses less water than trees
  • Uses zero pesticides to grow
  • Reduces Greenhouse gases and captures more CO2 from the atmosphere than trees or cotton

My thanks to NatureZway for reaching out to me and introducing me to their bamboo line.  I'm sold... a complete bamboo convert!  I haven't seen every product in stores yet (they have the perforated towels, sponges and drying cloths in addition to floor wipes, bath tissues, waste bags and I hear pet cleaning products are coming soon), but I'll be keeping my eye out.  I'm all about keeping things natural in my world, and these NatureZway Bamboo Products do just that.

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