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2015 Year in Review - Liv Life Top 10

Summarizing 02015 for a girlfriend, the year didn't seem to be one I wanted to recap.  She asked if I really wasn't going to write our annual Christmas Letter, something I've done with zeal for as long as I can remember, and I shook my head no.  Memories filled with emotion, hospitals and loss flashed through my head as tears pricked at the corners of my eyes.

But further reflection warmed my heart as I recounted successes experienced by my kids, the kindness of friends, warm days on the beach shooting sunsets, puppy kisses, and the love of my family.

And then there's Liv Life and the blog world I'm ever so thankful for.  Friends from around the world who touch my life with frequency and share my passion for food warm my heart even more.  Touching the life of people I've never met with a new recipe or health tip, or perhaps opening someones eyes to a new way of eating continues to ignite my passion to share.

While a holiday card didn't make it into the mail this year, I did take a peek at our 2015 stats out of curiosity and found this year's focus different than in years past.

Admittedly my focus on food and ingredients changed to a more healthy and mostly plant-based style last year, but we still brought tempting treats as well as a cocktail or two.  Amazingly, those cocktails and treats weren't the overwhelming popular posts as in prior years.  This year the posts that "went viral" included Green Tea and Marinated Sweet Peppers.  Gone were the Strawberry Margarita Tequila Shots, though the Margarita Roundup did have quite a run near Cinco de Mayo.
I'd like to think there is a healthy trend in the food world, but perhaps it's simply the change in my focus.  In any case, I can't thank you all enough for supporting Liv Life and continuing to feed my passion.  Each and every comment touches my heart and inspires me with renewed love and ideas.

So Cheers to a new year - hopefully one filled with health and happiness for all. And now we bring you the Liv Life Top 10 in 2015!


I know I said 10... but these Crispy Belgian Waffles sit at 11 and rank up there as on of our favorite recipes ever.  Oft requested by Liv and her girlfriends, I simply had to share again!

A recent post that seemed to pique interest as the 2015 weather turned chilly, this sweet potato soup sings with a touch of lime.  Silky smooth with coconut milk, this warm weather soup transports you to the tropics when you close your eyes.

Ice Cream... always a favorite in the Liv Life household and this coconut version is no exception.  Dairy-Free so everyone can enjoy - but your non dairy-free friends will never miss the heavy cream.  

A homework project turned new favorite meal... I've never been so thankful Liv chose to take Spanish as when she needed a dish from a "Spanish speaking country" for her final project.  Putting our heads together we added some of our favorite ingredients including avocado, quinoa and lime, and then topped it all with a our favorite Lime Crema for the win.  And the bonus??  She got an A on the project.

 Trying to heal while in the hospital with "hospital food" falls into the "not gonna happen" category.  So, when dad spent a few days recovering from knee replacement surgery last summer we brought in most of his food.  Tops on the list?  These protein balls he and his roommate dubbed "Awesome Balls"!

Blueberries, Bananas and Almond Butter... who knew the combo brings a concoction so heavenly no one will know it's healthy?!  A new Liv Life favorite, I feel good fueling Liv with antioxidant-rich fruits and a decent dose of protein.

Ahhh... the classic margiarita!  A favorite of mine since my college days, but does it always have to be "classic"?  Apparently not - and we've brought 10 not-so-classic versions to tempt you.

Classic Brownies, a treat most people (especially me!) can't resist.  But how does one get that shiny crust on top??  We've got the secret with this classic recipe!
 Simply marinated and then tossed on the grill, this easy appetizer ranks as a favorite just about everywhere we go.  Dipped into a zesty Balsamic Garlic Vinaigrette these cute little guys are practically irresistible.
 Who would have guessed a Green Tea Detox Drink would rank as our number one viewed post this year?  But with restorative health benefits, I can totally see why.  Lovely on a hot day but also perfect after a late night with perhaps a bit too much imbibing - Green Tea, Mint and Ginger are number one in our book.
And there you have it!  Our 2015 year in review... and not such a bad year when I look back at these recipes that have become regulars in our kitchen.  Our heartfelt thanks for visiting Liv Life, and here's wishing you a wonderful and healthy 2016.
Cheers to you! 


  1. Hugs to you, dear lady, from someone who went through a painful year too. Wishing you comfort and hope as you press forward into 2016. XO

    1. Thanks my sweet Krista and hugs right back to you!


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