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Restaurants hold a special place in my heart.  A good meal, quality food, someone to share it with as well as someone else to serve it and then to clear away the empty plates all add up to a special evening (or afternoon or morning).

As a young girl I was utterly spoiled at the Windjammer in Tiburon, CA, (now Guyamas) a steak and seafood restaurant where my Dad was a partner.  As our family would come for a meal, the waiters would fuss over me cutting my meat, creating pretty plates for me and the chef once even let me stir the scrambled eggs.  I have fond memories of climbing out of my Dad's office window facing the city of San Francisco and dreaming of whipped cream shrouded Ghirardelli ice cream sundaes as the prominent Ghirardelli sign glittered across the sparkling bay.   Marcel though, came to my rescue and he always prepared the most fabulous Heath Bar Sundae which he said he created especially for me.

Years later as I started dating I was always far more interested in the dinner date than the "let's head to a noisy bar for drinks" type of date.  Dinner, allowing a nice conversation along with delicious food, was far more appealing than the endless "What??" comments across a noisy bar.

Luckily my husband shares my love of good food and together we have dined to our heart's content.  Picking up on my habit of photographing food he has recently been texting me food photos as he travels for work.  I can only imagine the ribbing he receives from the other pilots he is flying with, but I am usually green with envy when his destination provides a good meal and I'm home with leftovers.  (Glacier Bay BrewHouse in Anchorage, AK has been one of his favorite stops!)

Liv loves dry-aged fillets!
In our travels as well as locally, my husband and I have truly enjoyed introducing the world of food to our children.  Liv, unfortunately learned at a very early age how much she loves "dry aged beef" and now she will do with nothing less!  My son has spread his wings and tries foods of all sorts, truly appreciating ethnic flavors and quality ingredients.

From local Farmer's Markets to the height of city dining, we consider ourselves lucky to have enjoyed many wonderful meals.  The reviews are my own opinions and comments, I have not been paid to provide any reviews.

Come along with us as we share a few of our favorites...

San Diego (Area), California
Blaze PizzaBlaze Pizza, a new and extraordinarily popular fast/casual restaurant here in Carlsbad, CA, is taking the pizza world by storm and will have a pie of your creation on your table in as little as 5-7 minutes from start to finish.

Cafe Elysa - Carlsbad, CA - Owned by the French Bakery in Carlsbad and located less than half a block from the beach, Cafe Elysa becomes the ideal spot to rest your feet after a morning run or bike along the shore

Andaz San Diego's Salon Event featuring Chef Adam Cho of Katsuya - Ideally located in San Diego's famed Gas Lamp Quarter, the Andaz Hotel features frequent Salon Events.

Puesto - La Jolla, CA - Upscale Mexican Street Food.  A fabulous new eatery downtown La Jolla.  Casual, healthy and totally satisfying.

Blue Ribbon Pizza - Encinitas, CA -  Pizza like it should be with dough that undergoes a 3 day fermentation process, the pizza crust is thin and crisp, especially after baking in a true wood burning oven.  The mozzarella is hand stretched daily in house, and the sausage is house-made from sustainable Berkshire Pork.

Solana Beach Crush - Solana Beach, CA - From the decor to the menu to the food and on to the friendly service, Crush is a real pleasure.  Must try:  "moms" Meatballs and the Fruit Crumble.

The 3rd Corner Wine Shop and Bistro - Encinitas, CA -  Dining among the wine racks in the wine shop, one can't help but find the perfect bottle to pair with your lunch or dinner.  The Fish Tacos are my current favorite!

Twenty/20 Grill and Wine Bar - Carlsbad, CA - featuring Chef Steven Patrick's Summer Grilling Series

Twenty/20 Grill and Wine Bar - Carlsbad, CA - featuring Thursday Night Tapas (Ask for Nick!)

Annel & Drew's Kitchen - Leucadia Farmer's Market (The Lamb Sliders are the best!)

Outstanding in the Field - Temecula featuring Palumbo Wines and Chef Paul McCabe of Del Mar's 1540

Ponte Winery Restaurant - Temecula, CA.  Lunch and a tour of the Temecula Wine Country featuring Oak Mountain Winery, Danza Del Sol, and Ponte

Palm Springs, CA
Cheeky'sWith their unique menu and reputation for excellent service, one may expect a decent wait for a table, but in my opinion, the wait is positively worth it  Try the Brioche French Toast for a real treat!


Roy's Waikiki (Oahu)- While meeting Felice from All That's Left are the Crumbs was the best part, the Misoyaki Glazed Butterfish served over carrots and a tasty black rice had me weak at the knees and Roy's Melting Hot Chocolate Souffle for dessert was worth each and every calorie.

Kona Brewing Company - Oahu - Best pizza ever, with the Kohala highly recommended (by me!).  The holiday Ginger Beer was a true treat along with the Kona Coffee Infused Porter.

The Ocean House - Waikiki beach front - located in the Outrigger Reef on the Beach.  Ocean House served up a peaceful, tropical breakfast for our last day on the island.  Fresh fruits abound, and my husband's Prime Rib Hash topped with fried onions and eggs of choice became the breakfast of the trip.

Boots and Kimos - Kailua, OahuAn amazing breakfast of omelettes and Banana Pancakes with their signature (and secret!) Macadamia Nut topping.

Matsumoto's Shave Ice - North Shore, Oahu - Sweet and frosty!  One of the most well known on the island.

Las Vegas, NV

Bobby Flay's Mesa Grill - Liv has discovered "dry-aged beef"...  Cleaning her plate after one of Bobby's tender, juicy, fillets she promptly asked, "Can I have another one??"  The answer was, "No.", and we turned to dessert instead.  Liv lends her highest recommendation for Mr. Flay's Churros with Mexican Dipping Sauce.

Santa Barbara, CA
Jane - From the upscale yet casual decor to the friendly, spot on service to the beautifully prepared food, Jane has it all going on.

San Francisco, CA
Honey Honey Crepery - Somewhat skeptical about crepes for breakfast, my "I don't do sweets for breakfast" husband was more than pleasantly surprised to see the incredible menu board filled with much more than sweet crepes.  The Miami Heat -  Cheddar, avocado, chicken breast, scallions, spicy hot sauce - had a smile on his face in no time while Liv enjoyed a traditional sweet version filled with Bananas and Cinnamon Sugar.

Bistro Boudin - Fisherman's Wharf - All in all a good meal, but highly priced for tourists and with smallish portions, the incredible view of the bay and Golden Gate being the best part.  However, it was exactly what we expected and no one was disappointed.  The sour dough bread was exceptionally wonderful and the aroma of the fresh loaves baking absolutely intoxicating.

Blue Bottle Coffee Company - SF Ferry Plaza Market -  A highly recommended place to start your morning at the market.  Blue Bottle Coffee met every high expectation we had!  I only wish we had brought some home.

Rose Pistola - SF Ferry Plaza Market - With boxes of fresh veggies just waiting to be sauteed and a menu boasting of Egg Sandwiches with Applewood Smoked Bacon, Heirloom Tomato Scrambles with Stracchino Cheese and Prosciutto, and Pablo's Pancakes with Stone Fruit Compote and Orange Butter I think I found one of THE places at the market for breakfast!

Yosemite Valley, CA
The Ahwahnee Hotel - Dining Room - Our lunch destination held beauty, history and a most perfect location in Yosemite Valley.  While the food was "fine" I do believe it tasted just a bit better sitting in front of one of those floor to ceiling windows while watching the snow fall in front of the ravishing Yosemite Falls.

The Ahwahnee Hotel - Bar - The hot cheesy bowl of chili along with a delightful Hot Chocolate "Firefall" (Hot Chocolate with tequila and a hint of cinnamon) warmed our bones.  A wonderful spot to take the chill off and refuel after a long day of touring in the Valley.

Gli Angeletti Ristorante - Our first taste of Italian food.  Bruschetta, salami, Lasagna and of course... wine. 

Ristorante Mario's - Just a block or so from the Colosseum and Forum, Mario's offers the quintessential Italian lunch.

Cul de Sac - Rome, just outside of the Piazza Navona.  Delicious food for a decent price with a wine list an inch thick.
I Colori de Vino - Marco pours the finest wines and makes you feel at home in his wine bar.  Dinner included salads and pasta with shrimp to round out a beautiful dining experience.

Bobby Blay's Mesa Grill and Casa D'Angelo - Atlantis Resort - Mr. Flay features all the best of his mainland venues in addition to a few island specials.

Farmer's Markets

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  1. The Jerusalem Cafe in Manitou Springs, Colorado has vegetarian options and their meals are delicious! The inside of the restaurant is a bit shabby but in the summer it is nice sitting outside.


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