Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Whole Wheat Pancakes

Pancakes, hot off the griddle, topped with a touch of butter or maybe some sweet maple syrup, are always a good start to the morning.  Add in some whole grains and a side of OJ for a health boost and you are off and running with energy for the day!  Our early Tuesday morning followed this exact scenario after enjoying a much needed extra day off during our holiday weekend.  

As this summer draws itself to an unwelcome close we did our best to enjoy the holiday weekend.  A fun-filled evening with friends, an exciting day at the track and best of all, simple time together was enjoyed by all.  However, it was with heavy hearts that we received news that two of my husband's co-workers lost their lives last Friday as they valiantly fought to get the UPS 747 they were flying on the ground as some sort of fire caused them to eventually crash their plane in Dubai.  Our hearts, in addition to our thoughts and prayers, are with their families as they suffer through these most difficult days.  As I send my husband off to fly the open skies this evening I know there are two new shining stars to clear the way for all those in the air.

All the more important to have enjoyed our special early morning pancake breakfast!  Lately I've been getting a number of foodie comments from the kids, but the one that lets me know we have a definite hit is "Mom... you should write about this one!"  And that is the exact comment I received this morning regarding these easy to make, far better than any box, fluffy pancakes.  Whole wheat flour and a touch of wheat germ add additional flavor to the light texture, while the buttermilk adds a bit of depth.  While Liv feels they would be best with covered with whipped cream in addition to syrup, we simply stuck to the syrup and were quite pleased all the way around.  

Whole Wheat Pancakes
adapted from Ellie Krieger

¾ cup all-purpose flour
¾ cup whole-wheat flour
2 Tbs wheat germ
1½ tsp baking powder
½ tsp baking soda
¼ tsp salt
2 large eggs
1 cup lowfat buttermilk
½ cup nonfat milk
1 Tbs honey
½ tsp vanilla extract

In a large bowl whisk together the flours, wheat germ, baking powder, baking soda, and salt.  

In a smaller bowl mix together the buttermilk, milk, eggs, honey and vanilla.  Whisk well to combine. 

Preheat electric nonstick griddle or nonstick pan over the stove to medium/medium high heat.

Add the wet ingredients to the dry ingredients and stir just until combined.  Batter will be somewhat lumpy.

Pour desired amount of batter onto the griddle or pan and flip when the top of the pancake begins to bubble.  Cook a minute or two more until the 2nd side is golden brown, serve!

We enjoy ours simply with syrup, but additional toppings to consider are butter, strawberries, bananas, nuts, whipped cream or anything else you may desire!


  1. YUM!!!! These pancakes look absolutely perfect. I have no talent when it comes to pancakes. I can whip up the batter, but the husband has to cook them. Mine all end up kind of crispy. ;)

  2. What a beautiful stack of pancakes:)

  3. If I stacked 8 pancakes in front of each of my kids, they'd think they'd died and gone to heaven. What a fun treat.

  4. I love Ellie Krieger!! She's inspired me to add whole wheat to a lot of dishes. So happy to see you enjoyed them!! So cute that your kids suggested this!! My children (all under 4) just love looking at pictures. Your family is so sweet.

  5. That looks delicious! Definitely want to try this.

  6. Now THAT is a stack of pancakes! Looks absolutely gorgeous and so delicious!

  7. Looks like the start of a great weekend...

  8. My Man, Thanks! Hope he likes these!

    Patty, thank you!

    Kristen, that's about what my daughter thought... (I haven't admitted it though, but this stack was after she went to school, I got the bite!)

    Sommer, Ellie is one of my favorites too! I'm so happy your kids liked the pic!

    CP & Ravie, thanks!

    Susi, this recipe was a definite keeper!

    Cook, thanks!

  9. These look like the perfect pancakes! Light and fluffy and smothered in syrup:)

  10. how I do love pancakes....yours look so light and fluffy, so delicious......nothing beats a stack of pancakes on saturday morning!

  11. I've learned about pancakes when I was undergraduate student. I love them ever since. Yours are even better as you use whole wheat flour. Thanks for stopping by my blog. You have a lovely blog yourself. I will be following.

  12. Geez, that's food porn. Now I have to go make me some pancakes. Thanks!

  13. Sprinkled, love the "smothered with syrup" description!

    Dennis, I have a definite week spot for pancakes!

    Katerina, Thanks to you as well! I always try to add some whole grains to our pancakes and waffles just to boost the health benefit a bit!

    Moogie, thanks! I will check yours too!

    Mom, thanks!! Even my husband smiled at that comment!!


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