Thursday, June 28, 2012

Cereal Treat Round Up - Living Life

Perusing many of my favorite foodie blogs over the last few days, I've been thrilled to see the red, white and blue proudly displayed in everything from salads to frozen pops to cakes.  I, however, am with Liv in hot, hot, hot Las Vegas for the dance season finale, Nationals.

Liv & Vanners prepare for a group number
Sitting in the audience, I often find myself moved to tears as I watch Liv and her teammates perform their hearts out.  The confidence these young dancers show is phenomenal, and when combined with the skill that comes with those hours of practice, I simply sit in awe at the sheer talent.

As we made our way from San Diego to Vegas, Vanners, whom you may remember from our Sleepover Special, and Liv began reminiscing about the Fruity Cereal Treats - Vegas Style, that they prepared and styled at last year's Nationals.  Fruity Cereal Treats quickly turned into thoughts of Cinnamon Krispie Treats which just happened to be packed in the cooler for our long weekend.  Digging through the mounds of costumes, shoes, accessories, etc, that us dance moms have become all to familiar with, the girls found the Cinnamon Treat package, and I'm afraid there is not much left to share.


What we do have to share though, are some of our favorite Krispie Treats which have accumulated on Liv Life over the years.  Not a fan as a youngster, it was my son who prompted another Krispie Treat attempt years after his first taste with the addition of Peanut Butter.  And he liked them.  So did I.

Inspiring somewhat of a Krispie Treat obsession, we've used Nutella, Reese's Pieces, Cinnamon, and multiple layers of peanut butter fudge and ganche to provide mouthwatering treats that are anything but average.

Peanut Butter Rice Krispie Treat, Marshmallow

Cinnamon Marshmallow Krispiet Treat

Triple Peanut Butter Krispie Treat,

Holiday Krispie Treats
Use different color candies for different holidays

Nutella Krispie Treat

cereal treat

Vanners takes the stage!


  1. Good luck to Liv!!!! I love this cereal bar round up...I want them all :)

  2. Now I have this almost irresistible urge to buy a box of cereal and some marshmallows! Love the creativity behind each recipe. I'll have to try a few.

  3. Lib is the sweetest, my best to her and all her friends! So talented!
    In other news, do you posting me 20 of each of the bars please? :)


  4. No wonder Olivia needs so much energy via all those fabulous krispie variations. What a talent! Watching her I can imagine the pride you feel, Kim, since I've already got the goose-bumps seeing how she moves. Good luck!

  5. Waoh, the triple peanut butter treats look amazing... and very tasty too! Looks like the perfect treat for a Sunday afternoon movie.

  6. Liv is just so spectacularly talents! What an amazing dancer and she's so committed. The fact that she's also a creative beast in the kitchen just shows what an amazing young woman you've got there ;)


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