Friday, June 29, 2012

Skinny Cow Slimited Editions

Where were you in 1987?  College?  Preschool?  Retired?  Not even born?  No matter what your place in 1987, I'm willing to bet that you are familiar with the movie Dirty Dancing.  Amazingly, the classic is celebrating its 25th anniversary this year.

Though I'm not a really big movie fan, Dirty Dancing was one of the few movies that I saw more than once in the big downtown movie theater while I was in college.

Putting 1987 in perspective, Baby and Johnny practiced the jump a year after Maverick flew with Goose.  It was also the year after Buzz landed on Andy's bed, but Harry hadn't met Sally yet.  And while Darth Vader had already announced he was Luke Skywalker's father, Anakin wasn't yet a slave on Tatooine (how's that for confusing?).  Marty had flown Doc's Delorean back in time, but Indiana Jones had yet to go on his "Last Crusade".

Things change over the years, and thankfully, many times for the better.  Jumping at an offer from the Foodbuzz Tastmaker Program in combinations with Skinny Cow, Liv and I have been extraordinarily excited to share some of Skinny Cow's Slimited Editions as we participate in her National Dance Competition out here in hot, hot, did I say HOT?  Las Vegas.  What more appropriate venue could we have to celebrate the 25th anniversary of Dirty Dancing while cooling off with Slimited Editions ice cream?

25 years ago I, along with my Dance Mom friends, would most likely not have been as interested in lower calorie ice cream. However, as I was saying, over the years things change.  25 years ago ice cream was more of a high calorie treat (for example a certain flavor of ice cream honoring the Grateful Dead singer/guitarist Jerry Garcia began selling in 1987), today though, lower calorie options have become more of a necessity for this dance mom, and these fabulous Slimited Editions are fitting the bill.

As luck would have it, the quickly melting cones were also a hit with the dance girls and they hadn't a clue, nor did they care that these fabulous treats were lower in calories.

Enjoying a Dance Moms afternoon out of the heat, a group of us happily took the opportunity to relive our Dirty Dancing memories (as the girls lunched at the Judge's Banquet) while cooling off with Slimited Editions.  Options including Best of Both Swirleds (my personal favorite, 150 totally worthy calories of low fat vanilla AND chocolate ice cream nicely swirled between chocolate and vanilla wafers) and Slimited Oh Fudge Nuts (vanilla ice cream on a cone with fudge and nuts).  Available for a s"limited" time, I've already had requests from Liv just as some of the other moms have had requests of their own to fill our freezers when we return home.

Guiltlessly indulging in our afternoon of Dirty Dancing and ice cream treats the Dance Moms waited for the girls slaved away at Extravaganza Rehearsals.   Skinny Cow then became the ultimate refreshment as the girls retreated to the pool for a cool off and set to give their own hand at Baby and Johnny's famous lift.

Not as easy as we would have thought, Leah and Vanners were dumped head first into the water more than once as first one person, then up to four girls attempted to have them flying overhead.  As graceful as these girls are on the stage, their lift wasn't quite the Spotlight Diamond score.  Technique, however, is hard to turn your back on once its in your blood, and toes were pointed, arms graceful and smiles big, even as these talented girls plunged head first into the water. 

Thanks to Skinny Cow for making our Dance Mom Extravaganza a memorable one and for making me one of the most popular dance moms in the desert as I passed out cone after cone after cone.

Happy National Ice Cream Month!!!

As part of the Foodbuzz Tastemaker Program, I received a stipend, DVD, and coupons for free Skinny Cow® product.


  1. I love how dancing and smiling is always together :D
    I can also see why you were do popular, this ice cream is so the tops!


  2. Kim,
    I love the pics the Dirty Dancing lifts. Dirty Dancing is one of my favorite movies.

    No wonder you were a favorite among the Dance Moms, with all of those yummy frozen treats.

  3. I was 2 in 1987 ;-), but I still love the movie Dirty Dancing! What dancer doesn't?! Phhhssst.

    I love skinny cow too! So yummy on those hot days!

  4. What a fun post! Will need to try these treats :)


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