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Classic Guacamole

Classic Guacamole

Guacamole... it's a staple here in our San Diego household, and now that my avocado source is back, fresh guac is a nearly daily event.  However this beloved condiment has never made its way to Liv Life, and after a comment from one of Liv's girlfriends requesting "just the basics" we're fixing that omission.

While so many recipes focus on "alternative" guacamole ingredients featuring everything from mango to bacon, this classic version brings basic ingredients and is easily adaptable to what you have on hand or to your personal preferences.  Simply start with the basics, then add, delete or enhance as your heart or taste buds direct you.

First up and most obvious... the Avocado.  Often receiving a bad rap due to its high fat content, the avocado does indeed bring 85% of its calories from fat.  However... the fat found in avocados is monounsaturated (considered a good fat - in moderation!!) which can help lower levels of cholesterol thereby reducing your risk of stroke and heart disease.

Packing an average of 4 grams of protein per fruit, avos are a good vegetarian protein source that is also low in sugars.  In addition, avocados are an excellent source of potassium (containing more per weight than bananas) and bring numerous vitamins including k, b, c and e.  What's not to love??

Next up, our classic recipe brings onion.  Prefer red over yellow or a sweet white over either of the other two?  The choice is yours and each choice will bring your own signature to your guacamole recipe.

A prized member of the lily family, onions not only bring big flavor but  health benefits as well.  With the potential to help regulate blood sugar, bring anti-inflammatory benefits, help reduce cholesterol and enhance immunity, chopping a decent amount into your guacamole can be a good thing.

And then we have lime... oh yes, my beloved lime.  I think my favorite fruit of all time simply due to its fresh, tart flavors, this citrus (along with the others) is an excellent source of vitamin c.

And while perhaps not totally "classic" in traditional recipes, I add a small handful of chopped tomato to our guacamole.  Not only does it look pretty, but tomatoes add even more nutrition as a good source of vitamins a, k, c, folate and potassium.  On top of that they add a nice freshness to the dip and give a nice contrasting color.

To finish off our flavorings, we adore a few tablespoonfuls of cilantro.  Again, not only just big flavor, cilantro brings a wealth of nutrition to the mix with powerful anti-inflammatory capacities that may help with arthritis, cleansing abilities that help remove unwanted metals and other toxic agents from the body from the body and the ability to aid with digestion.  It's more than just a little green leaf isn't it?

So... while we do need to love our guacamole in moderation, we can eat this fabulous dip knowing we are doing our body good.  Create a version that is all yours today and enjoy!  Tomorrow we bring you DIY low fat Baked Corn Tortilla Chips!!

Classic Guacamole

Classic Guacamole
More of a guide than a recipe, add more of the ingredients you love and less of the ones you don't.  Mash with a light hand to retain chunks of avocado, or mash heavier for a purely creamy version.

2 Avocados
1/4 cup onion (we prefer red)
2-3 Tbs cilantro
1/4cup chopped tomato
1/4 clove of garlic (start small and move on... a little goes a long way in guacamole!)
2-4 Tbs lime juice
salt to taste

Begin with your ripe but firm avocados... peel and pit, then chop into a bowl.  Add diced red onion (yellow or sweet will also work), a few tablespoonfuls of cilantro, about a 1/4 cup of chopped tomatoes.   A small amount of fresh finely diced garlic (garlic power will work... just a couple pinches) and lime juice will finish off the ingredients.  Salt lightly to start, then stir, mashing the avocado as you go.  (I like my guacamole with chunks of avocado, but mash away to your desired texture).  Taste, adjust seasonings and stir and taste again.  Serve and enjoy!!

Liv Life Note:  Note that the most nutrient dense part of the avocado is the dark green part just under the skin... be sure to scoop avocado as close to the skin as possible.

Liv Life Note 2:  Guacamole will turn brown (like avocados do) if left to sit for a while.  To help deter the brownness, drizzle lime juice over the top of the guacamole and spray every so lightly with cooking spray.  Cover and chill.  If some oxidation still occurs, simply remove the brown layer and enjoy the rest! 

Classic Guacamole


  1. I am still envious of that avocado source you have!

  2. Thanks for the great tip about spraying the top of the guacamole with cooking spray. I am making guacamole for 100 people at New Friends Homeless Center tomorrow and this will come in very handy.


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